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Its official! The mark one esscerion has officially been released for public listening pleasure and consumption! Since this is the very beginning of production it will be about 3 months until we have stocked up an inventory of pre-made esscerions. Custom finish esscerions are available now with an approximate 4 month backorder. We apologize for this but expect this backorder to persist until we expand production capacity in January. Our current production capacity is only 40 units per month so first come first serve ladies and gentlemen. We still have a few prototype towers available for immediate shipment, contact us at info@taloacoustics.com for more information on securing one of these. One last note, the production esscerion slightly differs visually from the prototype towers seen around the site. Instead of two 5” mid-range drivers, they have been switched to a 4” variant. Instead of two 6.5” subwoofers, they have been upgraded to a single 8” unit. These upgrades have significantly improved performance with a 50% increase in power handling and more full/linear frequency response. Look out for the post later this month with more details and image preview, thank you.

Its finally here, the preview of the official production Mk1 esscerion!

This is the current esscerion configuration that replaces the previous prototype configuration visible on the site and around the internet.

The total difference can be summed up as follows:
Subwoofers: (2) 6-1/2” mineral-filled polypropylene coned units --> (1) 8” aluminum alloy coned unit
Midranges: (2) 5” aluminum coned units --> (2) 4” aluminum coned units of higher quality
Power handling: 400w rms --> 600w rms
Sensitivity: 88db @ 1w1m --> 84db @ 1w1m
Frequency response: 28hz-28khz+ --> 18hz-28kz+ w/ considerably improved linearity

As can be seen from the specification changes, other than in sensitivity, the production units represent a considerable improvement in nearly all areas of performance over the prototypes. These upgrades are in line with our goals of delivering ever increasing performance and value. All new orders will receive this latest edition, cheers!