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About Talo Acoustics

Before we were anything, we were lovers of music. Lovers of form, power, beauty, freedom, justice, we were lovers of perfection. Having all of these simultaneous passions left us... utterly unsatisfied in the way of sound reproduction systems. We knew what was possible, but that is not what we were getting. Look at the auto industry, they have it figured out. They know what the people want and they give it to them. They can make something that is beautiful, efficient, high performance, and affordable all in the same object. It is no wonder that some fall in love with their cars after living with something that so well attains this perfect balance. Now look at the speaker industry. It’s as if they are still stuck in the Model T days. You can have it square, and you can have it black. If you want something else, you have to forget either about being able to afford it, or getting satisfactory output. Why are we stuck on the square? Is it not known that this enclosure shape is one of the most distorting? Sound waves do not propagate at right angles, they are produced uniformly. They are also most ideally reinforced in this fashion. Of course, were stuck on the square because what could be easier to slap together and mass produce? Woefully unsatisfactory for us. Unfortunately, what we wanted did not exist. Rather than settle and compromise... we made it exist. Once we did we realized what we had created was just too special to keep to ourselves choosing instead to share it, and all future creations, with you and the rest of the world. Perfection through holistic balance, that is our way and we are Talo Acoustics, the future of sound.

In order to understand our design approach one must first understand the meaning of our Logo. The half star half heart symbol known as the Stirit is the spirit of Talo Acoustics. It represents the essence of the perfectly balanced being at its perfectly idealized potential. The star represents the perfect exterior expression while the heart represents the perfect internal spirit. The band wraps around them indicating a single being, but divides them acknowledging that these two realities live independently in their own realms. They are not meant to be understood as half shapes but rather full ones on each side of the dimensional barrier. When we develop our products, we identify every need function and ideal such a product could attempt to achieve, and find a way to reign them all into one harmoniously balanced creation. We understand that our products do not merely perform a function but share a life with you, and the most valuable things in your life are to help support you inside and out. Each and every one of our products is developed to do this for you in some way but uniquely through their targeted contextualized environments and situations. We understand what other companies fail to. We understand that we are not here just to serve you but also the Earth that has nurtured even our own creation, and have a calling to holistically enrich all things we touch. We are more than just a producer of good products but a source of good to the world serving as a model for others to follow. We will be the spark of light in your times of darkness and magnify your joy in your times of rejoicing. How can we say such things? We have already been doing so for over half a decade now for a select few but now its time for all, and time for you. As for what’s next there’s too much to say, other than the future of sound is coming your way.

Apart from most high-frequency drivers, the sound emitting components within speakers produce the same sound both front and back. Without isolating one side in an enclosure the two sides cancel each other out. The sound projected forward is very much dependent on the enclosure’s handling of the isolated back waves. The common speaker shape of the square or rectangle, although cheapest to produce, is one of the poorest in terms of performance potential. Anyone that has tossed a stone into a pond has experienced the circular shape waves naturally propagate. When trapped in a rectangular shaped enclosure, clashes within the enclosure are produced as the sound interacts with the walls and corners. These internal clashes create peaks and dips in the sound projected outwards that warp it in such a way that rob the listening experience of quality and realism. One of the vast departures of our speakers from our competitors is that internally they are more like micro amphitheaters than boxes. Using our robotic manufacturing techniques we are still able to use wood as we combine these acoustically superior shapes with our proprietary dampening compound to produce speakers that reproduce sound in a sharp, rich, accurate, full, but natural manner.

Before any one of our creations is allowed to leave our hands, it is brought through an extremely strict inspection certification process known internally as T-Spec. T-Spec ensures only what is in perfect operational order and meeting or surpassing all specifications is able to make it through. Immediately following T-Spec certification every Talo Acoustics product is sealed in its shipping container. We highly recommend for all products ordered from, us except acoustic panels, that you keep the shipping containers! They are designed to handle many thousands of miles of transportation and last the life of the product if stored in adequately dry environments. With the irregular shapes common with most our products, you will be thankful you kept them come moving day in order to ensure the best protection of your beauties. Nevertheless despite all efforts we understand accidents happen. If you are unable to find an immediate solution, contact our support team at and we will begin the support consultation/resolution process to find the most ideal/inexpensive solution. We have an exhausting myriad of solution contingencies to address anything that could possibly happen. The general understanding is we carry the majority of the service work cost burden on all issues and accidents other than the ones you are responsible in causing. Unlike automotive stealerships, we do not profit from service work and provide it at cost. No registration is necessary, and you do not have to be the original owner to receive this support service. Our support guarantee universally extends to the entire life of every one of our speaker or acoustic panels. However, we will occasionally offer limited edition speakers with special bonus service arrangements on top of the above default warranty guarantee. For example every time we offer a prototype pre-production tower speaker, it is accompanied by the three graces guarantee. Should you somehow manage to blow one of our prototype tower speakers, we will up to three times repair it no questions asked at our expense before it reverts back to the default agreement. Either way, anyone that possesses one of our creations is seen as part of our family and is thus covered for life.

For every product, the ordering process begins after pressing the customize and order button on the bottom left side of its associated gallery panel. The customize and order panel shows a few of the available previews providing various examples of what’s currently available. There are two distinct ordering channels, the custom order form left, and the immediate shipment form right. Products purchased using the immediate shipment option are shipped within a week and arrive in about 1-2 weeks. Immediate shipment products are already finished and thus not customizable. To order a custom finished speaker or acoustic panel fill out the left side order form with a basic color and finish selection. This selection is not final but serves as a starting point for our order follow-up consultation and confirmation call. Our custom order waiting period status is indicated by the color surrounding the order button. This stoplight system has 4 distinct settings and is updated daily. The red perimeter indicates either paused production or 4+ month estimated time of shipment. The orange perimeter indicates 4-3 months until estimated date of shipment. The yellow perimeter indicates 3-2 months until estimated date of shipment. The green perimeter indicates standard custom order conditions of 2-1 months until date of shipment. After your order is placed one of our agents is assigned to it to always stay on top of it and keep you updated. Your order remains 100% refundable at all times until we contact you with the Shipping Runway Notification. You receive the SRN when your order has passed the 80% completion point and shipment is imminent. After this point you have until 40 days after receiving your order to receive an 80% refund on the return given it is in perfect order. If there are ever any operational or service needs, you have our lifetime support guarantee. With that being understood all there’s left to do is years of satisfying listening enjoyment!

The steps go as follows:
1) Choose either custom or immediate order
2) Paypal payment
3) Consultation and Confirmation call
4) Shipping runway notification
5) 4th day arrival follow-up call
6) 40 day return grace period
7) lifetime enjoyment